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[CAS NO.] 110-88-3
[Chemical name] 1,3,5-Trioxane
[Formula] C3H6O3
[Molecular weight] 90.08
[Appearance] Off-white plate crystal
[Odor] Slightly smell of formaldehyde
[Melting point] 62℃
[Boiling point] 114-114℃
[Flash point] 45℃
[Spontaneous combustion point ] 410℃
[Density] 1.17(65℃)
[Solubility] Slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol and ether
[Acidity] ≤0.05% (CH3COOH)
[Water] ≤0.05%
[Methanol] ≤0.05%
[Assay] ≥99.5%
[Usage] It’s an important intermediate of engineering plastic polyformaldehyde (POM) and other chemical products, which can be widely used as the monomer raw material for synthesizing engineering plastic polyformaldehyde and for the preparation of anhydrous formaldehyde and stabilizers, fumigants, pesticides, molding materials, binders, disinfectants and antibacterial drugs etc. It can be depolymerized to form formaldehyde in almost all formaldehyde reaction especially when anhydrous formaldehyde is needed as a reaction agent. It can be used as the catalyst for the preparation of epoxy resin and bisphenol A. It’s the raw material of daily cosmetics, perm lotions and depilatories. It can also be used to synthesize isoctyl thioglycolate, which is an basic raw material of transparent plastics and organic antimony, organic tin and other heat stabilizer. Its reagent products are sensitive reagents to test iron, molybdenum, silver, tin and other metal ions; It’s also an important organic chemical raw material, it can be used as the inhibitor of copper sulfide and iron sulfide minerals in mineral dressing.  
[Package] 25kg/plastic bag or kraft paper composite bag
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